PVLC is dedicated to developing and growing boys and girls lacrosse in North Florida. The PVLC mission is Fun, Fundamentals, Sportsmanship, Honoring the Game, and Educating Everyone.

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Q:  What equipment will I need to buy?
A:   The basic equipment requirement for boys lacrosse include:

  • Helmet and chinstrap
  • Cleats and proper athletic socks
  • Mouthguard (You cannot play or practice without one)
  • Lacrosse stick (No fiddle sticks) 
    • For younger/new players (8U), we suggest the Warrior Evo Warp Junior (NOT THE MINI)
  • Gloves, and full set of pads (chest & elbow pads)
  • Athletic cup (highly recommended)

Q:  Can my child play up or down a division?
A:   All players will be placed in their appropriate age brackets. After the first week of practice, if there are any parent concerns due to safety, a parent may make a written request to the Commissioner.