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New Player Equipment Needs

BOYS - New Player Equipment Needs

Each player will need to have their own stick and a set of complete pads including: helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, mouthpiece and cleats. Hopefully the below information will help.

Stick - The quality of the stick can make a world of difference in how fast your player improves his lacrosse skills and how much he enjoys the game, especially in the beginning. That does not mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars on a stick. Only that it needs to be in decent condition with a working pocket. If you have a used stick that is fine. If not and you are purchasing new I recommend the Warrior Warp (link below) FOR BEGINNERS. Please note that players will outgrow the Warp within a year or two as they develop their skills.

Helmet - Any designated lacrosse helmet will do. The most important thing is the fit. It should be as snug as possible without being uncomfortable.

Shoulder Pads - As of Jan 1, 2022 all youth players MUST be equipped with a NOCSAE ND200 compliant shoulder/chest pad. Fancy way of saying a more protective chest plate has been added to the shoulder pad standards. Most new shoulder pads being sold by reputable companies will be compliant. NO football or hockey shoulder pads. Shoulder pads should be snug.

Arm Pads - Any designated lacrosse arm pads. Should cover the entire elbow and be as flexible as possible. Does not need, nor do you want it to cover the entire arm. At this level they do not need the hard plastic elbow covers but as long as they can freely move their arms they will be fine.

Gloves - Any designated lacrosse gloves will do. Should be as snug as possible. The larger the glove the less feel and movement the player will have.

Mouthpiece - Any mouthpiece will do. It is probably a good idea to get one that attaches to the face mask but not a necessity.

Cleats - Any cleats will do.

These additional links should provide a little more guidance if any is needed. By no means do you need to purchase this exact equipment or purchase from Dicks Sports. Here is just an example of what I might purchase if I needed to do so for my son this season.

Beginner Stick:

Returning Player Stick (EXAMPLE ONLY - But an upgrade from a Warp will be a stick with a strung-in mesh pocket):



**PLEASE NOTE: At Riptide our colors are White, Black, and Carolina Blue. If you have an option please do not purchase any colors outside of those like Red, Green, Yellow, etc..